Lunch time drawing of Tip from the new Dreamworks movie Home
which looks totally amazing!

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Sailor Jupiter, The Fighter

Out of the five inner senshi, Sailor Jupiter should be the one on the front line. As her strength and attack power comes from her own ability and not any specific weapon this would mean her HP or at least defense should be decently high as well, therefore making her a good mix between tank and power house.But this is just what I reckon :)

I kinda skipped Mars’ explanation but hers was mainly based off her awesome bow and arrow attack.

Check Out the other Scouts:
Sailor Moon, the Cleric
Sailor Mercury, the Mage
Sailor Mars, the Ranger

Can you tell what I’ve been playing from that humongous shoulder plate (thing?) :P.

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Prepare yourselves appropriately, because this is happening.

Batgirl is getting a relaunch by Cameron Stewart, Brenden Fletcher and Babs Freakin’ Tarr. You know, your actual favourite artist who drew the Bosozoku Sailor Scouts? SHE’S DRAWING BATGIRL. I’ll calm down… eventually?!

More info at MTV!

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Like I’m 10 years old all over again…

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"Hit the space bar"

Today’s sketch challenge!

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Night Fury doodles

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Sad day for Kat

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By far my favorite perk of the new job.

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Here’s my 4th year Calarts film!